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Safety Under the Lens

Friday 05, Feb 2021

Pro-Visual Publishing and their partnering industry associations have released the annual Augmented Reality (AR) interactive educational safety guide for Laboratory managers and staff, a free wall poster designed to use with your phone to view augmented content alongside printed text.

The digital feature of imbedded AR enhances user engagement and learning. Its ease of use, once mounted on the wall, makes it the go-to piece over other print material for solo reference, or for training with your team to communicate key hazards and help educate on implementing controls, in order to promote a culture of Zero Harm and maintain a safe working environment.

Download the free #Pro-Vis AR app and scan the AR icons in the various sections of the Guide for additional, topical resources such as videos, web-links, PDF files and landing pages that pop-up in front of you in an augmented environment, providing a stimulating setting in which to learn.

Topics include:

  • Exposure to hazardous substances covering exposure standards and ventilation.
  • Safety procedures and handling of sharps.
  • Fire prevention and emergency response.
  • Appropriate PPE.

For further information and to obtain free Guides, call (02) 8272 2611, email or visit

For media enquiries or images please contact Deanna Hutchings on (02) 8272 2611 or

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