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Updated Interactive Safety Guide for Wine Producers

Monday 30, Nov 2020

NSCA Foundation, Safe-T-Bulletin


Updated Interactive Safety Guide for Wine Producers

Pro-Visual Publishing in conjunction with the Winery Engineering Association, Australian Grape & Wine and the NSCA Foundation have released the latest edition of their Augmented Reality (AR) Interactive Wine Producers Guide to Safety, distributed free-of-charge Australia wide.

The wall-mountable Guide is designed for display year-round to communicate safety issues critical to Wine Producers. Hazards generally occur in three areas of the wine production industry including the physical work environment, machinery and processing and work practices. Any potential harmful situation at these stages of production should be identified and precautions implemented to prevent injury.

Together Pro-Visual Publishing and their partnering Associations have carefully selected key topics that address issues pertinent to the industry as a whole, which include:

  • Confined spaces.
  • Machinery safety.
  • Managing the risk of falls.

The digital feature of AR enhances user engagement and offers an aspect of interactivity that makes safety education easy and enjoyable. By simply downloading the free Pro-Vis AR app and scanning over any AR capable content using a smart device, wine producers can access additional resources, including an informative PDF, videos and 3D animations.

For further information, or to obtain additional copies of the Guide, please call (02) 8272 2611, email or visit

For media enquiries or images please contact Deanna Davenport at Pro-Visual Publishing on (02) 8272 2611 or

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