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Steer Away from Driver Fatigue: New Augmented Reality Safety Guide Keeping Transport Workers Safe

Tuesday 22, Sep 2020

NSCA Foundation, Safe-T-Bulletin


Transport and Logistics Industry Guide to Workplace Safety 2020/21

The transport and logistics industry is crucial to the supply and movement of goods from one place to another. Every day, businesses and individuals rely on this industry for their distribution and retrieval of goods. Unfortunately, the industry faces one of the highest rates of injury and fatality out of any other industry with thousands of claims made per year. Ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of the workers in this industry is crucial to maintain smooth and efficient performance.

There are a multitude of issues related to the transport and logistics industry that can affect and threaten the health and safety of workers. One of those being driver fatigue, which unfortunately, remains the single and largest cause of truck and driver deaths. Drivers need to be constantly aware of this issue as a potential hazard and aware of the signs that follow.

The main causes of fatigue are not enough sleep, driving at night (when you should be asleep) and working or being awake for a long period of time. There are National heavy vehicle driver fatigue laws that apply to fatigue-regulated heavy vehicles that drivers need to be aware of. At the heart of the laws for fatigue management is a primary duty — that a driver must not drive a fatigue-regulated heavy vehicle on a road while impaired by fatigue.

It is of the utmost importance that workers within this industry are constantly kept up-to-date with safety issues pertinent to the industry and regularly review and revise such information. The recently published Transport & Logistics Industry Guide to Safety 2020/21 by Pro-Visual Publishing in conjunction with the Australian Trucking Association (ATA), the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) and the NSCA Foundation provides further information relating to driver fatigue, as well as other critical safety issues in the transport industry.

The Guide is a 1m x 1m safety poster and features Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities, allowing the Guide to become digitally interactive. By downloading the free Pro-Vis AR app, workers can use their smart device to scan any AR capable content to access two videos by the NHVR and a web-link to fatigue risk management.

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