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A Cut Above the Rest – New Augmented Reality Safety Guide Helps Mining Industry Stay Safe

Monday 24, Aug 2020

NSCA Foundation, Safe-T-Bulletin



A Cut Above the Rest – New Augmented Reality Safety Guide Helps Mining Industry Stay SafeAlthough the Mining Industry has made significant improvements in regards to health and safety over the last decade, it still ranks as an industry with one of the highest rates of fatalities. For this reason, easily accessible and readily available safety information is critical to alleviating the likelihood of injuries and fatalities occurring and assist Mine Site Managers and workers to stay safe.

There are a multitude of safety issues and hazards that mine workers face, with some posing a significant risk to workers and others. Staying safe is the number one priority and awareness and management of risks is paramount.

Among the many risks and hazards is ground control in open pit mines, where uncontrolled instability or movement of material in the pit slopes can have many ramifications, with the most significant being loss of life or injury to persons working or visiting the mine. In addition, workers must also be aware of their responsibilities and ensure they implement a ground management plan after all hazards, risks and control measures have been identified.

To assist the industry, the recently published Augmented Reality (AR) Mining & Quarry Industry Guide to Workplace Safety 2020/21 by Pro-Visual Publishing in conjunction with the NSCA Foundation, the Australian Mines & Metals Association (AMMA) and the Minerals Industry Safety & Health Centre (MISHC) provides further information on ground control in open pit mines as well as additional safety information on prevalent safety issues.

The Guide is a 1m x 1m wall-mountable poster, for display year-round. Safety in the Mining Industry has never been more important and now thanks to digital innovations like AR, implementing a safety culture is made easier by providing access to engaging safety content. By downloading the free Pro-Vis AR app, workers can use their smart device to scan any AR capable content to access additional PDF files in real time.

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