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Tips for Retirement – New Augmented Reality Guide for Residential Facilities

Wednesday 12, Aug 2020

NSCA Foundation, Safe-T-Bulletin



Tips for Retirement – New Augmented Reality Guide for Residential FacilitiesWith time comes age, something that creeps up and before you know it the retirement age is impending. Retirement is something everyone works towards their whole life, and to make this time as accommodating as possible it’s best to be prepared.

Looking after your health, along with adjusting to a different lifestyle and changes that may come about are important to ensure a comfortable and healthy retirement. Being knowledgeable about certain health issues, such as osteoarthritis, which for many, symptoms will develop as they age, is important to be able to identify so that the condition can be properly managed.

Nutrition and fitness are also other factors to consider as one ages, implementing the correct diet and exercise will help to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Having information readily available on important health and lifestyle topics allows those who are headed for retirement or already retired to be equipped and reminded. To assist with this information, Pro-Visual Publishing in conjunction with the NSCA Foundation, the Retirement Living Council and the Heart Foundation Walking have recently published the 2020/21 Residential Living Guide to Lifestyle & Health which contains further information on osteoarthritis and other topics.

The Guide is a 1m x 1m poster, designed for display around independent living and residential living facilities and provides detailed health, lifestyle and wellbeing information. With Augmented Reality (AR) features, the Guide is interactive. By Downloading the free Pro-Vis AR app, additional resources can be accessed straight to a smart device. This year’s Guide provides access to an instructional video on exercising safely, dental care and information on the Heart Foundation Walking program.

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