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Plumbing safety: draining out hazards

Monday 15, Jun 2020

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Plumbing safety: draining out hazards

Conducting and implementing safe work procedures daily helps to ensure plumbers remain free from harm and return home safely. The health and safety of workers is paramount, laws in each State/Territory require everyone to work in a safe manner. Both managers and employees have a duty to ensure they aren’t putting themselves or others at risk.

Plumbers face a myriad of safety hazards everyday onsite. Being prepared, trained and knowledgeable on the potential risks and how best to manage them is critical. In particular, electrical hazards from metallic pipes.

Electrical shocks are a risk for plumbers when they change water meters and other equipment in residential and commercial buildings. The main contributing factor in these types of incidents involves a fault occurring with the electrical supply on the premises or in the street, causing the metallic piping to become ‘live’. When the pipe is cut or disconnected either side of the pipe could become ‘live’ causing the working to receive a serious or fatal electric shock.

Further to this, the recently published Plumbing Industry Guide to Safety 2020/21 by Pro-Visual Publishing in conjunction with Master Plumbers Australia and Master Plumbers Association of NSW provides further information on safety within the Plumbing Industry and includes topics on roles and responsibilities, personal protective equipment, working in confined spaces, and drugs and alcohol. The Guide is distributed throughout NSW and Australia wide. By downloading the free Pro-Vis AR app, the Guide becomes digitally interactive using Augmented Reality (AR). By using the app and scanning AR capable content, further resources can be accessed including videos and 3D models.

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