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Sanitising, Hygiene and Cleaning: Your Food Manufacturing Responsibilities during COVID-19 Outbreak

Tuesday 31, Mar 2020

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Sanitising, Hygiene and Cleaning: Your Food Manufacturing Responsibilities during COVID-19 OutbreakIt is more important than ever to be highly vigilant about sanitising and hygiene within the Food Manufacturing Industry. The outbreak of COVID-19 has sent shockwaves through the world, and on a global scale, everyone has been affected. This in turn means industries such as the Food Manufacturing Industry need to take the relevant precautions and remain extra vigilant during these challenging times.

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) recommend that general cleaning for equipment and facilities should continue as normal with additional cleaning and sanitising of all food contact surfaces being recommended. This includes, the regular cleaning and sanitising of frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, light switches, work benches, trolley jacks and work benches. As a minimum, businesses need to ensure that they are adhering to existing requirements of food laws.

All workers need to ensure that they are practicing the normal best-practice prevention measures used for foodborne illnesses like norovirus and Salmonella which includes food personal hygiene, having clean hands and clothes, keeping things clean and sanitised, excluding ill workers and social distancing. General Guidelines are available pertaining to cleaning and sanitizing provided by the FSANZ, which are important to revise at a time like this, the guidelines also reinforce that cleaning and sanitising are separate procedures, and sanitising is distinct from sterilising.

It is also important to note that so far, there has been no evidence to suggest that the virus is transmitted through food. In addition, current advice is that the coronavirus is destroyed by hot water above 60°C, therefore regular and current sanitising procedures businesses have in place like dishwashers operating above 60°C is still suitable.

Further to the information that has been disseminated by FSANZ and other leading industry bodies, the recent release of the Food Manufacturing Industry Guide to Safety by Pro-Visual Publishing in conjunction with the FSANZ contains critical information in regards to cleaning and sanitising. By displaying the Guide, Food Manufacturers are constantly reminded of its importance, especially during the trying time that is upon the industry.

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