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Latest Quick Poll Response from Safe-T-Bulletin 540

Monday 23, Mar 2020

NSCA Foundation Safe-T-Bulletin, powered by Safety Solutions


Safe-T-Bulletin Quick Poll | NSCA FoundationWe polled work health and safety professionals in the latest Safe-T-Bulletin and via the NSCA Foundation website, and received the following results:


Question: Which control measures have been implemented at your workplace to manage the risks of COVID-19?


Voters: 48


1) Reviewed and promoted its policy on infection control?

 Yes         47%  
 No   27% 
 Working on it     47% 


2) Ensured workers’ awareness of isolation/quarantine periods (as advised by the Australian Government Department of Health)?

 Yes         82%  
 No     4% 
 Working on it     10% 


3) Provided clear advice to workers about actions to be taken when staff should not attend work, including if they become unwell or have symptoms of coronavirus (as advised by the Australian Government Department of Health)?

Yes         80%  
No     6%  
Working on it    10% 


4) Cancelled or minimised international and interstate work travel?

Yes         63%  
No   16%  
Working on it    16% 


5) Provided updates to workers about the situation and any changes to organisational policies (or procedures)?

Yes         76%  
No     6%  
Working on it    14% 


6) Put in place a contingency plan for managing staff absences?

Yes         31%  
No   18%  
Working on it    47% 


7) Reminded workers to practise good hygiene and other measures to protect themselves and others against infection?

Yes         88%  
No     2%  
Working on it      6% 


7) Provided remote work options where possible?

Yes         53%  
No   10%  
Working on it    33% 


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