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Tractor safety: farmers urged to remain vigilant

Monday 09, Mar 2020

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Tractor safety: farmers urged to remain vigilant | NSCA Foundation enewsletter the Safe-T-BulletinMany Livestock and Broadacre workers are seriously injured or killed each year after being hit by moving objects or being trapped by machinery or equipment, with tractors being the secondary proportion of vehicular incidents. According to SafeWork NSW, machinery accounts for a high proportion of farm injuries and fatalities with tractor incidents taking up a large portion of 75 per cent.

It is important for farmers to be aware of each tractor hazard and its associated risk and regularly review their implemented control measures as well as ensure their work practices are safe. This can include mounting and dismounting the tractor only when it is stationary and with the park break on and only ever start the tractor when sitting in the operator’s seat and never from the ground.

To reduce injuries and fatalities in the industry, it is important for famers to regularly review key workplace, health and safety information to ensure the safety of all workers.

The recently published Livestock, Hay & Fodder Industry Guide to Safety 2019/20 and the Broadacre Guide to Farm Safety 2020 by Pro-Visual Publishing in conjunction with the Are you Bogged Mate? Buy a Bale and the NSCA Foundation provides further information on tractor related fatalities as well as additional key safety and wellbeing information both in the Livestock and Broadacre industry. With digital interactivity using Augmented Reality (AR) further resources can also be accessed such as 3D models, videos and PDF files.

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