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Comcare seeks feedback on WHS undertaking guidelines

Thursday 05, Mar 2020

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Comcare seeks feedback on WHS undertaking guidelines | NSCA Foundation enewsletter Safe-T-BulletinComcare has drafted guidelines that outline the purpose, acceptance processes and procedure for giving a work health and safety (WHS) undertaking under the WHS Act 2011 (Cth). A WHS undertaking legally binds a person conducting a business or undertaking to implement health and safety initiatives that deliver tangible benefits for workers, industry and the community. A WHS undertaking accepted by Comcare can also act as an alternative to a court-imposed sanction for breaking the law.

Comcare is seeking feedback on a draft guide to WHS undertakings it has prepared, which explains how to apply for a WHS undertaking using the ‘WHS Undertaking Template’. The guide outlines the factors Comcare considers before accepting a WHS undertaking, and the steps to take when a WHS undertaking is accepted, when it is rejected and when someone fails to comply with the undertaking.

Comcare will be accepting feedback on its ‘Guide to Work Health and Safety Undertakings’ and ‘WHS Undertaking Template’ until Sunday, 29 March 2020. Feedback should be emailed to, as tracked changes within the draft documents.

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