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Monitoring Fatigue in the Rail Industry

Wednesday 12, Feb 2020

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Monitoring Fatigue in the Rail Industry | NSCA Foundation newsletter Safe-T-BulletinFatigue risk management in the Rail Industry is one of the key issues to monitor, review and implement to ensure best practice systems are in place to protect employees and the public from injuries and more importantly fatalities from occurring.

The need to manage fatigue and its negative effects is essential in the rail industry due to its nature of 24/7 operations and the need for constant vigilance. According to the ONRSR there are factors both inside and outside of work that can have an impact on a rail operator’s ability to perform including individual factors such as lifestyle factors including drug and alcohol use and medical conditions.

The risk of incidents occurring in the Rail Industry causing injury and fatality can be considerable if there is failure to make safety a top priority, let alone the issue of fatigue combined with the long hours expected of employees.

Therefore, employers need to be aware of their duties and obligations according to the law and knowing the signs and effects of fatigue in the workplace and how to manage it. This, combined with creating an emphasis around safety culture and providing training and meetings on a regular basis will help to ensure employers and employees are in the best position to return home safe.

The recently published Rail Industry Guide to Safety by Pro-Visual Publishing in conjunction with the Rail Track Association Australia (RTAA) and the NSCA Foundation provides further information on fatigue risk management as well as additional key safety information. With digital interactivity using Augmented Reality (AR) further resources can also be accessed such as 3D models, videos and PDF files.

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