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Ad campaign and SNOs to help promote Qld bus driver safety

Thursday 28, Nov 2019

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Ad campaign and SNOs to help promote Qld bus driver safety | Safe-T-Bulletin | NSCA Foundation An ad campaign designed to put the brakes on bus driver violence has launched in Queensland as part of a state government initiative to boost public transport safety. The campaign, called ‘See It From Their Side’, “features real-life violent scenarios faced by bus drivers” and shows that “violence or abuse of drivers is not acceptable”, according to Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey.

“Drivers have the right to feel safe from abuse or physical harm when they’re simply trying to do their job,” Bailey added.

The “confronting” material is expected to run across television, radio and print in South East Queensland and regional centres over the next two months, according to the state government. The government’s public transport operator, TransLink, has also hired eight senior network officers (SNOs) to help support bus drivers’ safety and tackle fare evasion.

“Fare evasion is one of the key issues causing conflict between drivers and members of the public,” Transport Workers’ Union Queensland Branch Secretary Peter Biagini said. The Rail Tram and Bus Union’s Assistant State Secretary and Secretary Tram and Bus Division, Tom Brown, added that having SNOs on the bus makes drivers feel safe and that “more SNOs will be required in future”.

TransLink is set to start “the process to hire more SNOs in the coming weeks”, Bailey said.

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