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SWA opens fifth forum on airborne contaminant exposure

Wednesday 23, Oct 2019

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SWA opens fifth forum on airborne contaminant exposure | Safe-T-BulletinSafe Work Australia (SWA) is seeking feedback in its fifth forum on workplace exposure standards for airborne contaminants. The forum — accessible via the regulator’s Engage website — follows consultations on draft silica, coal dust and acetaldehyde to benzoyl chloride exposure evaluation reports and recommendations and will now cover chemicals listed alphabetically from ‘coal tar pitch volatiles’ to ‘dichloroacetylene’.

In particular, SWA is seeking input on toxicological information and data that the recommended workplace exposure standard is based on and the measurement analysis and information provided. SWA said the release includes chemicals that do not currently have an Australian workplace exposure standard, including cobalt hydrocarbonyl, cyanides and cyanide salts, diacetyl, 1,2-dibromo ethane and 1,4-dichloro-2-butene.

Stakeholders can submit feedback via Engage until 8 November 2019. Draft evaluation reports and recommendations for the remaining chemicals will be released throughout 2019 and 2020.

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