For Mental Health Month this year, we welcomed Rachel Bowes, Head of Crisis Services and Quality at Lifeline Australia, in a live webinar on ‘Promoting Mental Wellbeing’.

In this webinar, Rachel explored how individuals can promote their own mental wellbeing and support the mental wellbeing of others. It briefly covered what we mean by mental wellbeing, and why it’s important – it's more than the absence of mental illness.

Rachel also looked at self care, strategies and behaviours we can put in place for ourselves to build our personal mental resilience and wellbeing, and touched briefly on how to support others who may be vulnerable or at risk of mental ill health. From watching this webinar, you will gain insights into the concepts surrounding mental wellbeing and some techniques you can apply straight away to build your own wellbeing and resilience.

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Promoting Mental Wellbeing

27 October 2020

This webinar was presented by Rachel Bowes, Head of Crisis Services and Quality at Lifeline Australia.